How about a little science with that intuition?

Psychology and intuition

We’re all practicing psychologists — aren’t we? With our uncanny insight and intuition we’re able to ‘read’ another person in a mere 10 seconds. (This is, in fact, what research reveals about employment interviews). We know ourselves, and we know others. As a matter of fact, it’s intuitive — so simple we can do it with almost no thought. Therefore: We never make mistakes when assessing ourselves or others.

But everyone else does. Right? Consider the bias at work here (Hint: Fundamental attribution error).

Intuition is NOT the same as insight.

Why I’m doing this

I’ve started this blog to share insights from psychological research¬†and my own experience applying psychology in the workplace to let you in on some of the most predictable truths you can use to understand and change yourself and others. This is about understanding intuition.

I don’t intend this to be an academic journal, but will cite research or share personal experience lending support to my posts.

I hope you find them helpful.

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