How to tell if someone should NOT be your coach

Executive coaching has grown faster than good coaches can keep up, but that hasn’t stopped bad coaches from getting in on the game. This article offers key ways to tell if someone is truly qualified to be your coach.

What your Personality Test Report says about You

People are frequently amazed at the accuracy of their personality test report. These reports can be powerfully enlightening as they describe an individual’s tendencies and character traits from what appears to be an objective point of view. When given the opportunity to review their report, I haven’t had one person defer. Everyone wants to know […]

Want to stay ahead of machines? Think like a four-year old.

Technology isn’t slowing down, but it does have an Achilles heel that can be exploited. Here’s how you can keep your job and stay ahead of technology-driven changes in the labor market.

This simple hack* will reduce stress and improve health

This simple life hack will help you, or anyone else, to reduce your stress (emotional) and make you happy (biological).

Ready or Prepared? Which would you rather be?

This may sound like another corny, semantically twisted question. It’s not and I’ll show you why. Before I do this, I need to justify the legitimacy of even posing this seemingly convoluted question. The Power of Choice Team building games aside, most people really do think ‘within the box’. Traditional education systems and work environments offer more […]

Three memory tips that will dramatically improve your recall

Think about it. When you’re confronted by someone else, or even yourself, about how you could have forgotten to bring home the memo-pad (for list making, obviously), what is it that you really forgot? Did you stop in the moment and struggle to recall a specific item that you or another had previously reminded you […]

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