People with no personality are more common than you think

People use the phrase, “no personality” somewhat casually. A deeper look into exactly what no personality looks like tells us something about ourselves.

What your Personality Test Report says about You

People are frequently amazed at the accuracy of their personality test report. These reports can be powerfully enlightening as they describe an individual’s tendencies and character traits from what appears to be an objective point of view. When given the opportunity to review their report, I haven’t had one person defer. Everyone wants to know […]

The best way to cure hiccups: A little psychology delivers the strongest medicine

Here I describe a guaranteed cure for the hiccups. The technique is backed by psychological research and theory so we know how and why it works. You might find it works for other annoying habits – even someone else’s!

Why picky selection is even more important when pickins are slim

We’ve been here before. In the late 90s the demand for technical talent was so great that organizations engaged in bidding wars simply to stay in business. Dubbed the War for Talent, management experts warned about the perils of relaxing standards for the selection of talent at such time as when organizations were in the […]

Psychology is clear: We’re not.

Perspective. In a word, that’s as close as it gets to a synonym for psychology – at least the type I practice. Many may debate, “It’s too narrow”, or, “It’s too broad.” But that’s their perspective. {Don’t you hate clever, contrived?} Here’s mine. Everything we “know” (i.e., that which we perceive via our senses or […]

The Best Advice for Delivering Bad News

I once listened to a coaching client describe (vent), in great detail, the multitude of deficiencies of one of their direct reports. This wasn’t the first time this topic had come up in our conversations, so I knew it was more than a “sore spot” for the frustrated leader. Bad news was more than simmering. […]

Want to stay ahead of machines? Think like a four-year old.

Technology isn’t slowing down, but it does have an Achilles heel that can be exploited. Here’s how you can keep your job and stay ahead of technology-driven changes in the labor market.

Can’t we all just get along?

Nope. No matter how much we want or pray for peace; how much we want the yelling on cable news networks to cease; or how badly we want to end acts of violence taking place in our schools, we must recognize that aggressive behavior is hardwired in our DNA. We can’t “all just get along?” […]

7 ways to protect your job from technology

The question, “Will a machine take my job?” has gotten a lot of attention lately — and we can only expect to see more. Although some jobs will be taken by machines, the much higher likelihood is that all jobs will increasingly be complemented by technology, not taken by it. This article provides 7 ways to protect your job from technology. In fact, it’s really more about protecting yourself rather than your job.

The surprising characteristic of great leaders.

Humility. That’s right. And this applies to both the attitude and the act. If you really want to lead others, embrace humility as a virtuous attitude. If you really want to lead your team to victory, be humble. Manage your ego, speak of your weaknesses and admit your mistakes. Follow others and point out where […]

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