I spent a week in silent mindfulness meditation only to learn nothing – now I’m going back for more

I write these blogs with one or both of two objectives in mind: to provide evidence-backed information and to make it interesting. This article includes both but is more geared toward the entertainment agenda. I hope you enjoy the ride.

Psychology is clear: We’re not.

Perspective. In a word, that’s as close as it gets to a synonym for psychology – at least the type I practice. Many may debate, “It’s too narrow”, or, “It’s too broad.” But that’s their perspective. {Don’t you hate clever, contrived?} Here’s mine. Everything we “know” (i.e., that which we perceive via our senses or […]

Why you’re not getting promoted

Most can identify with the feeling of discontent when others seem to be getting promoted for less apparent reason than your promotion would justify. It’s natural – we want to win and a big piece of winning in organizations is getting promoted. It probably comes as no consolation to learn that there are many factors […]

Who Cares? Presenting without presenting

You’re invited to make a presentation to a group for the purpose of enhancing some aspect of their knowledge or skill. By participating, attendees will receive credits required by their professional trade organization. Sound like an exciting opportunity? I wouldn’t expect folks to be lining up ahead of time to get a front row seat. But […]

How psychology affects you

We are social animals living in a psychological world. This simple reality has enormous consequences for everyone, everywhere. Here I explain two really big ways regarding how psychology affects you. Implications of being Social: Human beings are not only social, but the MOST social of all animals. As such, and just like all social animals, we need to […]

Psychology at Work: Who cares?

We are social animals in a psychological world. This is true — even if you know someone who is more than a little introverted, or think that psychology is only for crazy people. This simple fact is at the crux of just about all, if not everything, we do. From teamwork and individual advancement to […]

What is Bias?

In psychology, ‘bias’ refers to predictable errors in perception. Here’s a simplified explanation of how bias works. To start, everything we experience ‘beyond our skin’ is initially registered via our senses. After we sense something we begin to process it using our central nervous system, or brain (roughly speaking). This second process, resulting from the reception of […]

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