I spent a week in silent mindfulness meditation only to learn nothing – now I’m going back for more

I write these blogs with one or both of two objectives in mind: to provide evidence-backed information and to make it interesting. This article includes both but is more geared toward the entertainment agenda. I hope you enjoy the ride.

What your Personality Test Report says about You

People are frequently amazed at the accuracy of their personality test report. These reports can be powerfully enlightening as they describe an individual’s tendencies and character traits from what appears to be an objective point of view. When given the opportunity to review their report, I haven’t had one person defer. Everyone wants to know […]

Stop thanking your team

Most leaders don’t know it, but the way they’re thanking their team is actually self- and team-defeating. Before making an error that is at best as useful as watering the ocean, or at worst as appreciated as making a “tiny correction” to the Mona Lisa, stop thanking your team. Here’s why. People want to make […]

Can’t we all just get along?

Nope. No matter how much we want or pray for peace; how much we want the yelling on cable news networks to cease; or how badly we want to end acts of violence taking place in our schools, we must recognize that aggressive behavior is hardwired in our DNA. We can’t “all just get along?” […]

Ready or Prepared? Which would you rather be?

This may sound like another corny, semantically twisted question. It’s not and I’ll show you why. Before I do this, I need to justify the legitimacy of even posing this seemingly convoluted question. The Power of Choice Team building games aside, most people really do think ‘within the box’. Traditional education systems and work environments offer more […]

Psychology at Work: Who cares?

We are social animals in a psychological world. This is true — even if you know someone who is more than a little introverted, or think that psychology is only for crazy people. This simple fact is at the crux of just about all, if not everything, we do. From teamwork and individual advancement to […]

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