Stop thanking your team

Most leaders don’t know it, but the way they’re thanking their team is actually self- and team-defeating. Before making an error that is at best as useful as watering the ocean, or at worst as appreciated as making a “tiny correction” to the Mona Lisa, stop thanking your team. Here’s why. People want to make […]

3 (easy) office tips to enhance your influence

Influence. In a word, it’s what the social world is really made of and a critical part of our everyday lives. What if you knew some decorative, office tips to enhance your influence without others even knowing what you’re doing? The work of psychology provides numerous examples of how you can improve your odds at influencing […]

My Favorite Attitude

Attitudes are simply personal orientations toward a particular person or thing. But some are bigger than others. One in particular has reigned as my favorite attitude much longer than most “favorites” (i.e., food, song, place, etc.). Optimism. Why Optimism? For one, it’s a very strong predictor. Optimism is a near pre-requisite for achievement. And the […]

Throw for the Catch

It’s fourth and goal. Time for one play to determine the winner of the game. You drop back to pass. One receiver’s wide open. You throw a “frozen rope” spiral — right on target. You hit the receiver so hard in the chest that there’s no way they don’t make the catch. But they don’t. And […]

Who Cares? Presenting without presenting

You’re invited to make a presentation to a group for the purpose of enhancing some aspect of their knowledge or skill. By participating, attendees will receive credits required by their professional trade organization. Sound like an exciting opportunity? I wouldn’t expect folks to be lining up ahead of time to get a front row seat. But […]

Psychology at Work: Who cares?

We are social animals in a psychological world. This is true — even if you know someone who is more than a little introverted, or think that psychology is only for crazy people. This simple fact is at the crux of just about all, if not everything, we do. From teamwork and individual advancement to […]

Emotional Intelligence: Breakthrough or Been Through?

Emotional Intelligence. Unless you’ve been ‘hiding under a rock’ for the last 30 years, you’ve heard of this term. And, unless you’ve been in grad school for the same amount of time, you’ve probably used it. (Just kidding — sort of) EI, as it’s commonly abbreviated, charged into mainstream popularity following Daniel Goleman’s, 1995 NY Times bestseller, “Emotional […]

Right vs. Influential: Which would you rather be?

Right vs. Influential? Is this some kind of word game or a ridiculous question? Who cares? Wouldn’t right and influential be the same – or close enough? In my humble experience: “Nope.”  And you should care. Being right is NOT the same as being influential. Understanding this can make a BIG difference. By the end […]

Flip it: The art of leveraged influence.

Ever find yourself defending or selling something that should be inherently obvious and valued? For example, pleading with a teenager to wake up for school, or justifying why a bonus is not up to the expectations of an employee. What’s up with this? How can school fall to the rank of burden? Why is a […]

Group vs. Individual Assessment Bias

“We are all underperforming, except for me — and my team.” I hear this almost as many times as I ask the question, “How’s performance?” You know the story: A leader takes a stand declaring the obvious, “we’re underperforming…”, while protecting him or herself and compatriots, “except for me and my team.” How can group […]

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