What your Personality Test Report says about You

People are frequently amazed at the accuracy of their personality test report. These reports can be powerfully enlightening as they describe an individual’s tendencies and character traits from what appears to be an objective point of view. When given the opportunity to review their report, I haven’t had one person defer. Everyone wants to know […]

“Opposites attract” or “Birds of a feather flock together”?

Character counts – in love and work. This article explores the similarity between what people say makes a good person in completely dissimilar environments. The content is evidence-backed, but is written in story-like fashion. It even includes a “brain teaser.”

3 Reasons Why Character Matters More Than Expertise

What makes anybody unique? To help answer this question, let’s conduct a little test. Think of someone you’ve known at work (or non-work) who stands out as exceptional from the rest. Got someone specific in mind? Now then, what was/is it about this person that truly made/makes them remarkable? I can just about guarantee that the […]

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