Stop thanking your team

Most leaders don’t know it, but the way they’re thanking their team is actually self- and team-defeating. Before making an error that is at best as useful as watering the ocean, or at worst as appreciated as making a “tiny correction” to the Mona Lisa, stop thanking your team. Here’s why. People want to make […]

Want to stay ahead of machines? Think like a four-year old.

Technology isn’t slowing down, but it does have an Achilles heel that can be exploited. Here’s how you can keep your job and stay ahead of technology-driven changes in the labor market.

7 ways to protect your job from technology

The question, “Will a machine take my job?” has gotten a lot of attention lately — and we can only expect to see more. Although some jobs will be taken by machines, the much higher likelihood is that all jobs will increasingly be complemented by technology, not taken by it. This article provides 7 ways to protect your job from technology. In fact, it’s really more about protecting yourself rather than your job.

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