Psychological burnout is a lonely experience with lots of company. Here are 7 ways to help others out while avoiding it yourself

Psychological burnout is a crisis affecting more people at work than ever. This article explains why burnout is so difficult to treat and provides tips for how to manage stress when no one seems to be willing or able to help.

The best way to cure hiccups: A little psychology delivers the strongest medicine

Here I describe a guaranteed cure for the hiccups. The technique is backed by psychological research and theory so we know how and why it works. You might find it works for other annoying habits – even someone else’s!

This simple hack* will reduce stress and improve health

This simple life hack will help you, or anyone else, to reduce your stress (emotional) and make you happy (biological).

Throw for the Catch

It’s fourth and goal. Time for one play to determine the winner of the game. You drop back to pass. One receiver’s wide open. You throw a “frozen rope” spiral — right on target. You hit the receiver so hard in the chest that there’s no way they don’t make the catch. But they don’t. And […]

“I’m okay” – “I’m not okay”: The ultimate test

At the end of the day, our ultimate test of well being boils down to one of two sentiments: “I’m okay” – “I’m not okay“. This may seem a bit simplistic, but if you really dig deep into your thoughts, feelings and behaviors, this simple phrase sits at the crux of our prevailing psychological state. It’s so […]

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