Being passionate about your career is a good thing. Following your career passion may not be.

Pursuing one's career passion can be a long road. Make sure it isn't to "nowhere."

“When it comes to career passion, you have a better chance of finding passion in your work than finding work in your passion." (This doesn't mean you should keep your dreaded job.)

-- R. Chris Steilberg

Mid-life and mid-career crises are real and not uncommon. After years of success and satisfaction in one’s career, the career (and life) one’s led can become unfulfilling. Individuals question their career trajectory and yearn to find or follow their true career passion.

{Career and life are not independent. You are not a different you depending on whether you’re “at work” or not. As a matter of primary relevance to my work, from here forward, I will refer mostly to careers.}

Career passion gets a lot of press – and for good reason. Organizations want employees who are passionate about their jobs and workers want careers they feel passionate about. Passion is both inspiration and inspirational -- It’s no wonder that passion is the centerpiece of (all?) commencement addresses.

But not all’s well with passion and careers.

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