3 (easy) office tips to enhance your influence

Managers share a cup of coffee. This simple act can enhance your influence.

Influence. In a word, it’s what the social world is really made of and a critical part of our everyday lives. What if you knew some decorative, office tips to enhance your influence without others even knowing what you’re doing? The work of psychology provides numerous examples of how you can improve your odds at influencing others. Here I provide a few tips to enhance your influence, specifically your likability.

Research has shown that people make extremely quick assessments of whether you are a “threat or a friend.” In fact, this happens BEFORE you are even consciously aware of the others’ true intent or character. This is the result of years of evolution, directly related to the “Fight or Flight” phenomenon. Before we’re even aware of what we’re confronting, we have a sense of “I’m OK”, or “I’m not OK”. Subconscious activity is faster than conscious activity.

What if there were some way to instill a particular thought in someone’s mind before you even say a word? Good news: There is!

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