Ready or Prepared? Which would you rather be?

This may sound like another corny, semantically twisted question. It’s not and I’ll show you why. Before I do this, I need to justify the legitimacy of even posing this seemingly convoluted question. The Power of Choice Team building games aside, most people really do think ‘within the box’. Traditional education systems and work environments offer more […]

Psychology at Work: Who cares?

We are social animals in a psychological world. This is true — even if you know someone who is more than a little introverted, or think that psychology is only for crazy people. This simple fact is at the crux of just about all, if not everything, we do. From teamwork and individual advancement to […]

Career limiting moves

Career limiting moves. Somewhat like “career derailers,” the term seems clear enough taken word for word, but it’s not as obvious as it sounds. A short reflection will help to get us on the same page. I was introduced to this term rather abruptly. Well into a meeting with a business leader whom I considered critical to […]

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