Right vs. Influential: Which would you rather be?

Acceptance vs. Quality

Right vs influential? Which would you rather be?

Is this some kind of word game or a ridiculous question? Who cares? Wouldn’t right and influential be the same – or close enough?

In my humble experience: “Nope.”  And you should care.

Being right is NOT the same as being influential. Understanding the difference between being right vs influential can make a BIG difference. By the end of this read, you may even agree that this quizzical question can make the difference between becoming the president of the United States — or not.

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Flip it: The art of leveraged influence.

Ever find yourself defending or selling something that should be inherently obvious and valued? For example, pleading with a teenager to wake up for school, or justifying why a bonus is not up to the expectations of an employee.

What’s up with this? How can school fall to the rank of burden? Why is a bonus expected regardless of business circumstances?

A lot of things we do don’t make sense.

This is when it’s time to Flip It.

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