Birds of a feather? vs. Opposites attract? Attraction in selection

It’s fairly common to get this question when reviewing feedback from a personality inventory with a group. Many times people’s minds go to the effects of attraction in selection — but not always at work. It goes something like this: When it comes to personality types, which of the following is more true, “Birds of a […]

When Psychology Talks, Money Listens

Today global HR and risk management consulting firm, Towers Watson, announced the purchase of Saville Consulting (a psychology-based assessment firm) for £42 million. This is clearly a justification that psychology makes money — and not just at wholesale. In the wake of similar acquisitions, firms delivering good psychometric assessment at work have now been just about totally gobbled up by […]

Emotional Intelligence: Breakthrough or Been Through?

Emotional Intelligence. Unless you’ve been ‘hiding under a rock’ for the last 30 years, you’ve heard of this term. And, unless you’ve been in grad school for the same amount of time, you’ve probably used it. (Just kidding — sort of) EI, as it’s commonly abbreviated, charged into mainstream popularity following Daniel Goleman’s, 1995 NY Times bestseller, “Emotional […]

Right vs. Influential: Which would you rather be?

Right vs. Influential? Is this some kind of word game or a ridiculous question? Who cares? Wouldn’t right and influential be the same – or close enough? In my humble experience: “Nope.”  And you should care. Being right is NOT the same as being influential. Understanding this can make a BIG difference. By the end […]

Flip it: The art of leveraged influence.

Ever find yourself defending or selling something that should be inherently obvious and valued? For example, pleading with a teenager to wake up for school, or justifying why a bonus is not up to the expectations of an employee. What’s up with this? How can school fall to the rank of burden? Why is a […]

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